From Oblivious to Sublime – And Back

I guess that one day it had to come to this, but did that have to come so soon? I mean, who is going to intelligently drive either of these things? Ok, aside from your mother-in-law, who is going to drive one of these things? Anyway.

Take a look and see which one YOU would like – I will put a vote-counter on here and we will see if ANYBODY likes either one of them! (I will put it up as soon as I find one that does what I want it to do! — try it now?)

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Car Vending Machine

Car Vending Machine

Hi again! I saw this in a strange place I won’t try to clarify. Suffice it to say, I have never seen one of these, but I have seen a couple of parking garages that worked on the same principle. The system keeps track of your car based on your entry ticket and other info (like read-in of your license number, etc.) and when you want it back, you pay the amount on an electric payment device (cash, credit cards, etc.) and the machine gives you your car back.

It’s great as long as you don’t lose your receipt!

It looks like this car vending machine system works more or less the same way. Enjoy!

Belated Birthday Present?

Hi there,

I think I found your belated birthday present. Unfortunately, it’s called a Sherpa (just “Sherp” in Russian [ Шерп ]) and I can’t afford it; these things run about $50’000 each according to what I read. But it does look like fun! Of course, you would have to have the owners’ handbook translated from Russian. But if they sell enough, they will probably do it themselves! But think of the positive side: you could run through the Bayous with this, even in the floods, and come out right side up!

Here’s the gadget:

Good luck!