Boilerplate etc.


This is essentially a private website that has been prepared for the enjoyment of my son David and his family, friends and associates. It has no commercial intent, and opinions voiced here are exactly that – individual opinions. Considering the nature of the website, there can be no legal liabilities or disclaimer requirements. Such statements would be totally meaningless.

Anyone who attempts to describe this website as something other than it is intended is totally mistaken and has no rights in this matter whatsoever. In fact, someone of that nature is trespassing on private virtual property, is not welcome here, and should leave this webite immediately.

IF any of the not very many commercial ads on the site get any income (highly unlikely!), those funds will be used to support the site, and will not go into anybody’s pocket.

All that said, that should not mean that there are no copyright constraints on what you do with the content of this website. Officially: “Copyright © 2009-present day and covers the previous website as well as this one, – all rights reserved” so keep your cotton-pickin’ fingers off this website!

So take THAT!!

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