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Plain Old Drive-To-Work Ford

Well – maybe if your name is George Anderson. OMG! The rest of us can just drool . . . I couldn’t resist this from Pinterest!


Man! Well, I guess that is pretty hard to top, but here is at least equal competition . . . literally! This is a working version of what is up above doin’ its thing! Whoooosh! Enough to blow you away!


A Dangerous Post!

Hi there folks,

The title claims that this is a “Dangerous Post” and that is true! Why? Because it is likely to get you started on a project that will consume considerable time and money, and (unfortunately), you may never finish it! I challenge you to watch the video below and claim that you are not all cranked up to do your own project NOW! [ Note: this video is “only” about 15 minutes long. ]

Here is an example of what can happen! This example project was completed, but it took 10 YEARS to complete, and these guys are (obviously) professionals! [ CAUTION: The video takes almost 45 minutes! ] I didn’t see a price tag anywhere, but you can guess yourself how many digits are needed – I think probably 6 in dollars or Euros (€xxx’xxx). Here comes the video:

The reason I write that this is a dangerous situation is that I have been in the same situation myself. As a matter of fact, two times, once in suburban Chicago with a 1963 Austin-Healy Sprite II and the second time in Houston with a 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider 2000. My job situation was such that I was required to relocate relatively often and could not take either vehicle with me. Today, I am smart enough to know that I would never have finished either project under virtually any circumstance; there were never enough time, money, inspiration, and skills available to do the job.

Your Comments are welcome!

More Than Just 007

Hello again!

Luckily, “our” David got through Harvey in Houston pretty much unscathed. I hope your “Davids” as well if they were involved in any of the mayhem that occurred this late summer-autumn (hurricanes, Harvey in Houston, Irma in Florida, Jose in the Caribbean as well as Irma and Marie, Katia in east Mexico, earthquakes in southern and central Mexico, flooding in numerous places including Italy and even Switzerland). It seems there are “plusses” for buying a house above the “500-year flood plain” in Houston, in any case. I had never looked at that before, but next time (if there is one), I will definitely check on that!

This post is about (surprise!) 007, but not the actors involved. published the cars of 007 and the girls (I think I prefer “ladies”) of 007, both in vertical strips. I thought it might be interesting to put them side-by-side and see what we all like the best. Well, the page is not wide enough to get good definition on the page to be able to see things as will as I wanted, so the strips are set up one after another. Sorry ’bout that!





Information Polling

If you want to vote for a favorite car or “Bond Girl,” Just write a comment down below. Personally, I’m a traditionialist on these two subjects, and the Aston Martin DB5 that was first seen in “Goldfinger” and in later films as well is my favorite car. If you are interested, there is a cinematic history of Aston Martins in Bond films at


My favorite Bond Girl is far and away Ursula Andress.

She was the first one, and for me she defined the role for all those who followed. The text on the picture stip is impossible to read. I suggest you take a look at Bond Girls Then and Now if you want to choose one to vote for. I will start the survey with a comment: