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Well, I’ve Never Been Much Of A Limo Fan . . .

As the title says, I’ve never been much of a limo fan, but I’m, not so much of a motorcycle fan either. I guess you could say this combines the worst of both!




This is a Kazuma-15 Harley-Davidson with big-block Chevy V8 engine.


Mornin’ Boss!

What more can you say?



Oh, just a side note – saw a Mini 1200 BRG Clubman Woodie at my car dealer/garage yesterday! Looked good! Wasn’t clever enough to take a pix though.

Belated Birthday Present?

Hi there,

I think I found your belated birthday present. Unfortunately, it’s called a Sherpa (just “Sherp” in Russian [ Шерп ]) and I can’t afford it; these things run about $50’000 each according to what I read. But it does look like fun! Of course, you would have to have the owners’ handbook translated from Russian. But if they sell enough, they will probably do it themselves! But think of the positive side: you could run through the Bayous with this, even in the floods, and come out right side up!

Here’s the gadget:

Good luck!