Na – This Is Cool!

Here are some video goodies I happened to find by total accident.

But first… Our “new” car (well, it is to us!! And the price was right!)

1999 Opel Astra G 1.6 liter Caravan

Now for the interesting stuff! This is a series of videos I found that I think are pretty cool – but I do know about a few of these unusual vehicles – sign of age, I guess! The series is called “Cars You Never Knew Existed!”

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

The Collectors Dream!

and, The Nightmare!

Hope you enjoyed them!


Formula 1

Since Mom (Susan) and Dad (Craig) took David to sports car gymkahanas in Houston and Pasadena (TX) when he was still very young (like less than 1 year old) he has turned into and remained a true Formula 1 (“Grand Prix” if you prefer) fan. We know that Nataly and David do at least one or two GP’s per year, but we don’t know the exact count.

Here are some cool pix from various Grand Prix races and vehicles …

Formula 1 BAR Honda – Melbourne Grand Prix 2005 Demo of BAR 006


Where there is loose rubber, there is also loose asphalt! Monaco scratch line


Ferrari from above

Ferarris forever!

The tunnel at Monaco

David doesn’t remember this, but Jackie Sewart was having great fun here!

I don’t know exactly when this was, but it was in Turkey

That’s all for now, I will look for some more interesting pix later on…

A New Website?

Hi there, since I broke down and bought the .com version of David’s Birthday, I decided maybe it was time to redo the website as well. Hope you like it? It will probably take some time to extract the goodies out of the old website, so hang in there…

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