Plain Old Drive-To-Work Ford

Well – maybe if your name is George Anderson. OMG! The rest of us can just drool . . . I couldn’t resist this from Pinterest!


Man! Well, I guess that is pretty hard to top, but here is at least equal competition . . . literally! This is a working version of what is up above doin’ its thing! Whoooosh! Enough to blow you away!


A Dangerous Post!

Hi there folks,

The title claims that this is a “Dangerous Post” and that is true! Why? Because it is likely to get you started on a project that will consume considerable time and money, and (unfortunately), you may never finish it! I challenge you to watch the video below and claim that you are not all cranked up to do your own project NOW! [ Note: this video is “only” about 15 minutes long. ]

Here is an example of what can happen! This example project was completed, but it took 10 YEARS to complete, and these guys are (obviously) professionals! [ CAUTION: The video takes almost 45 minutes! ] I didn’t see a price tag anywhere, but you can guess yourself how many digits are needed – I think probably 6 in dollars or Euros (€xxx’xxx). Here comes the video:

The reason I write that this is a dangerous situation is that I have been in the same situation myself. As a matter of fact, two times, once in suburban Chicago with a 1963 Austin-Healy Sprite II and the second time in Houston with a 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider 2000. My job situation was such that I was required to relocate relatively often and could not take either vehicle with me. Today, I am smart enough to know that I would never have finished either project under virtually any circumstance; there were never enough time, money, inspiration, and skills available to do the job.

Your Comments are welcome!

Well, I’ve Never Been Much Of A Limo Fan . . .

As the title says, I’ve never been much of a limo fan, but I’m, not so much of a motorcycle fan either. I guess you could say this combines the worst of both!




This is a Kazuma-15 Harley-Davidson with big-block Chevy V8 engine.


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