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David’s Birthday Movie???

It’s true! There is a movie named “David’s Birthday” – but only in Italian (probably just as well). Produced in 2010 and not well rated at all (6.5/10 – sorry ’bout that!). Here’s the trailer – you can probably find the full movie on Youtube also.

One saving grace, I think we first published this website (on in March 2010, before the movie was released, so we got there first! Nope, the movie was premiered in Venice in May 2009, so we didn’t get the first jump (if you will pardon the expresssion).

Oh oh, I found the video on youtube – and discovered that it is a gay film! ( Sorry ’bout that! The name in Italian is “il compleanno” – no David mentioned.

A New Website?

Hi there, since I broke down and bought the .com version of David’s Birthday, I decided maybe it was time to redo the website as well. Hope you like it? It will probably take some time to extract the goodies out of the old website, so hang in there…